Fundraising & Grant Writing


We are looking for dedicated people that are great at coming up with fundraising ideas and/or have the time to spearhead one or two. If interested in helping with this, please email Some of the previous fundraisers include:

Bake sales

Paint nights

Online auction


Cat yoga

Doggie Dash 5k

Meat Bundle Raffle

Valentine cookie gram


Rummage sale

Giving Tuesday

Betty White's Birthday

Give Local Day

Dinners with adoption event

Month calendar raffle

Pizza Hut fundraiser

Microchip clinic

Pet Remembrance tree

Cat/dog ornament kits


We are looking for a person who may have experience putting a grant together and writing it. We work with Dara down at the Chamber to find available grants . We just need someone to gather the info needed and help Dara with writing grants for possible funding. If interested in this please email