Our dedicated volunteer leaders

Robin Kolling

President and C.E.O.

Robin has always grown up loving animals and has been rescuing cats with her husband for over 16 years. She works full-time an Activities Assistant/CNA at the Veterans Home.

George Kolling

Rescue manager

George is recently retired and is volunteering at Happy Tails full-time. He and his wife Robin have 15 cats and 1 dog. Rescuing cats is a passion of George's. He is the resident cat daddy/cat whisperer.

Brenda Baer

Vice President & Treasurer

Brenda is married and enjoys camping, fishing and spending time with her family. She loves cats and has a few rescues of her own. She works full-time at Mid-Rivers Communications.

Barb Roehl

Board Member

After 43 years of working and doing the grind, life has allowed me to retire -- in two words, loving life! I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening-yard work, hanging out with my fur babies, or in other words herding cats, and helping out at the Rescue!

Hope Opie

Board Member

Hope is employed at the Dawson County Veterinary Clinic and is attending school to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She loves animals, so that is why she works in the field she does. Some of her hobbies include: working with large animals, spending time with her animals, and planting her garden in the summertime.

Sandy Raney

Board Member

I recently retired from Mid-Rivers. I have lived in Glendive for 58 years and have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren, ages 2 - 22. We have been cat lovers forever, so of course I have 4 rescues of my own, all 13-14 years old. They run our house.