Fun facts about kitten eyes

Having litter box problems?

If your cat isn't comfortable with their litter box or can't easily access it they might not use it.
  • Clean litter boxes 
    • You can scoop and/or change your cat's litter at least once a day. 
    • When you change your litter box, rinse the litter box out completely with baking soda or unscented soap once a week. 
  • Large boxes and shallow bed of litter  
    • They can enter easily. Sometimes cats prefer large litter boxes.
    • Provide one to two inches of litter, they don't always like a large amount of litter.  
  • Try switching your litter up. 
    • Use an unscented clumping litter. 
  • You can also try adding more litter boxes. 
    • Typically, it is 1 litter box per cat + 1 litter box. 

Household Aggression

Here are some tips to try and help some of the aggression towards each other.
  • Don't let them fight it out. They don't resolve any of their issues fighting. 
    • Try clapping loudly or spraying them with water from a spray bottle. 
  • If they are males, you can try neutering them. Intact males are particularly prone to aggressive behavior. 
  • Separate the resources by providing multiples (litter boxes, beds and bowls) in different areas of your house.
  • Provide additional perches and hiding spots.
  • Reward the desired behavior
    • Praise or toss treats to reward your cats when you see them acting in a friendly manner. 
  • Try Pheromones 
    • FeliWay (diffusers or spray)
    • The pheromones mimic a natural cat odor that may reduce tensions. 

Fun facts about black cats

  • Can have unique patterns hidden within their fur that is usually seen best in the sunlight.
  • Very intelligent and tend to be more aware of their surroundings and potential dangers.
  • Known for having mellow and easy-going temperaments, they're often independent yet fun-loving and affectionate.